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Working With Charities

Our same outstanding service, for less



On the whole, the pandemic brought increased demand for charitable services while funding has fallen. More recently, the cost of living crisis and the period of contraction in the global economy has led to even further pressures. In addition, we recognise that charities face the same challenges as other businesses with the additional strains of vulnerable clients or beneficiaries and pressing social needs.


The working world is never going to return to its pre-pandemic shape, meaning employers from all industries have the opportunity to develop the skills and adaptability needed to successfully implement a hybrid remote and flexible work model. We help organisations like yours to achieve this in a very human, positive way. 


No Strings


If your charity needs further help to consolidate a long-term remote-hybrid ethos and protocols, we are committed to giving you as much value as we can. Let's see what we can work out together.

If you would like to know more, book a call with Dermot, our CEO for a one-to-one.  

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