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Benchmarking FOC

SLTs everywhere are comforted by soft internal surveys which indicate that hybrid working is operating really well in their organisations. 
We benchmark line managers and employees for organisations every day who tell us a different story.

  • The period of contraction in 2023 is about to stress test hybrid working in your organisation.

  • How your line managers and employees REALLY feel and what they REALLY think about hybrid working in your organisation will determine how they perform.

  • How they perform will determine how your organisation fares during 2023 and beyond

  • How your organisation fares during the period of contraction will determine the shape you will be in when you exit it.

How our benchmarking works FOC

  • Our proprietary questions are tried and tested, giving you the answers that you need to determine how well your hybrid working is really performing.

  • We send you a DEMO version to play around with. We do not generally change the questions unless something really grinds your gears! FOC

  • You send out the anonymous benchmarking survey to all of your managers and employees separately. (1 week to complete). FOC

  • We will generate a report and email it to you before our arranged post-benchmarking consultation. FOC

There is no charge for the benchmarking or the consultation

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