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Training Courses
for Hybrid, Remote & Flexible Organisations

Upskilling for
Hybrid & Remote Managers

Vibrant and interactive Zoom courses upskill managers on the most effective methods to lead, motivate and care for their dispersed teams.


Always topical and current, these courses insightfully deal with the complexities of managing hybrid and remote people.

Upskilling for 
Hybrid & Remote Employees

Fully interactive Zoom courses refocus people on positively thriving in a hybrid or remote working environment for the long term and adapting to the current micro and macro changes.

We explore the potential and opportunities for Hybrid and remote employees in an ever-changing world ... and how to mitigate pitfalls.

Essential Soft Skills for
Hybrid & Remote Managers

Organisations operating with soft skills in their veins regularly outperform competitors reliant only on hard skills.  Soft skills are the superpower for organisations successfully adapting to new working paradigms. 

This course explores the huge advantages of emotionally intelligent leadership, and how managers can radically up their soft skills game.

Essential Soft Skills for
Hybrid & Remote Employees

When employees respond to soft skills from leadership, positive behaviours become second nature throughout the organisation. Respect, effective collaboration, alignment with company goals, happiness and retention all improve.

This live video course takes a fresh look at soft skills, and how every person can use them.

Growing Trust and Productivity for managers of Hybrid & Remote Teams 

The single most important thing organisations need to adapt to in an ever-changing world is a culture high in trust.

The secret sauce to meaningful productivity is when trust runs through the veins of an organisation, - when it becomes part of the company DNA - then productivity is healthy and buoyant.

Embedding Employee Trust and Productivity in Hybrid & Remote  Teams 

Meaningful productivity is rich in enthusiasm, creative problem solving and job satisfaction.

This type of productivity only happens when organisations trust their people to do their jobs well.

In turn, employees trust their organisation to care for them with integrity and honesty.


Upskilling Mental Health for
Hybrid & Remote Managers 

With a pandemic mental health crisis still unfolding with long term ramifications, this is an essential course.


We help remote managers develop resilience and mentally healthy practices for themselves and their teams. 

Upskilling Mental Health for
Hybrid & Remote Employees 

Never has it been more crucial to take a fresh look at the mental health of workforces.


This course explores being part of supportive cultures where mentally healthy practices become the new normal . . . wherever people are located.

Upskilling Managers of Hybrid & Remote Teams to reinvent the culture of their organisation

Culture is not just about a set of values on the wall.

And why is that important, because it has broad implications for the success of a company — from employee retention to the work that’s produced.

Culture needs to be inclusive and its creation needs to be led by the leaders and permeate throughout the entire organisation.

Upskilling Employees to become active participants in the reinvention of their Hybrid & Remote company culture 

Culture can help everybody achieve change, be more resilient and build organisations that thrive in even the most testing times.

We are now out of the period of making decisions as we emerge from crisis conditions without all the facts.


The trial run is over. Now we need to understand that if we are to be successful in hybrid working for the long term, we need to reflect, gather good information, think forward and everybody needs to be involved.

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