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Hybrid 2.0: Growth foundation for the next 3-5 years

Introducing Hybrid 2.0, the next generation of hybrid work.

Hybrid 2.0 empowers organisations to proactively leverage hybrid work as a foundation for impacting key performance areas like sales, marketing, talent acquisition, retention, and productivity.

Additionally, it unlocks the doors to capitalising on emerging opportunities in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

How We Partner with Organisations:

Emerging from the pandemic and navigating ongoing challenges, including cost of living pressures and the war in Ukraine, has presented both immense difficulties and remarkable achievements. We understand that every organisation is at a unique stage in this journey.

As you take the next step, we offer a flexible program tailored to your specific needs and budget. Clients can choose individual modules, participate partially, or engage in the full program.

Head of Hybrid: Empowering Your Focus:

Our framework simplifies your journey by allowing you to focus on strategic leadership, leaving the operational complexities to us. As your dedicated external partner for all things Hybrid 2.0, I, Dermot Dennehy, CEO of Manage Remote Teams,  acts as a seamless extension of your team, collaborating across all levels to co-create, coordinate, and deliver a successful hybrid work strategy.

Unlocking Success Through Strategy:

Our Hybrid 2.0 strategy is a comprehensive roadmap comprised of various elements designed to guide your organisation in maximising the benefits of hybrid work over the next 3-5 years. This co-created roadmap will facilitate informed decision-making across every department and also help you navigate the path towards becoming an exceptional hybrid employer who drives tangible business success

Business Impact: Unlocking Potential:

Hybrid 2.0 impacts every aspect of your business, offering an opportunity to unleash the full potential of your workforce.

Empower Success:

  • Performance and Accountability: Our approach fosters excellence in individuals and teams in the hybrid environment.

  • Collaboration and Communication: We help bridge the gap between teams, promoting seamless interaction.

Collaborating with HR: Championing Transformation:

HR's expertise paves the way for a successful hybrid future. We offer exclusive insights to help you become an exceptional hybrid employer.

Metrics that Matter:

  • DE&I: Build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment.

  • Retention & Recruitment: Attract and retain top talent in the hybrid landscape.

  • Wellbeing: Enhance employee wellbeing for a thriving hybrid experience.

Cultivating a thriving work environment for high-performing teams.

Our Comprehensive Hybrid 2.0 Training Program:

We offer a structured and engaging training program designed to equip your workforce with the essential skills for thriving in a hybrid work environment.

Key Features:

  • 6 mandatory interactive online sessions: Led by experienced facilitators, these one-hour courses delve into our four pillars of successful hybrid work.

  • Tailored for different audiences: We offer separate sessions for managers and employees, ensuring the content aligns with their specific needs and roles.

  • Actionable insights: Packed with practical information and real-world examples, our training goes beyond theory, providing attendees with tangible takeaways they can implement immediately.

  • Manager toolkit: We equip managers with a comprehensive action plan to reinforce key learnings from the training and ensure consistency across the organisation.

  • Continuous learning opportunities: We provide access to additional mini-courses related to the four pillars, allowing your team to deepen their knowledge and hone their hybrid work skills at their own pace and as the needs arise.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

At the core of all our values lies a profound concern for the environment. There is a growing awareness of the individual footprint we leave on the planet. 

Amidst the hybrid working journey, a new, unexplored opportunity has surfaced. In collaboration with Greencross UK, an international climate action NGO, we've pioneered a proprietary benchmarking process. This innovative approach identifies the environmental opportunities that hybrid working presents. Subsequently, we deliver sustainable action plans and training for your hybrid employees, ensuring your organisation leverages hybrid working to minimize its ecological footprint.

AI in the Hybrid Workplace: Unlocking Synergies and Avoiding Pitfalls as a Hybrid Manager:

In today's complex work environment, AI can act as a powerful tool to cut through the noise and extract valuable insights, aiding decision-making and streamlining processes. However, simply incorporating AI without a strategic plan can create inefficiencies and potentially undermine the positive aspects of hybrid work.

**We believe in a unified approach that seamlessly integrates AI into your Hybrid 2.0 strategy using both our proprietary training material and general AI. This ensures that:

  • The benefits of AI (increased efficiency, collaboration, and data-driven decision-making) are fully realised within the hybrid work framework.

  • Individual efforts in implementing AI are aligned with the overall strategy, preventing fragmented initiatives.

  • The future of work is envisioned holistically, considering both human potential and technological advancements.

Pricing and Engagement: Flexible Solutions for Your Success:

Hybrid 2.0 caters to organisations of all sizes, from SMEs and national charities to enterprise-level businesses. We understand that every organisation's needs are unique, which is why we offer various pricing options to fit your budget and goals:

  • Individual Modules: Choose from our selection of individually priced modules outlined above to address specific challenges and areas for improvement.

  • Combined Packages: Bundle multiple relevant modules for a comprehensive solution on a monthly retainer.

  • Full Program: Opt for our comprehensive full program to receive the complete suite of training and support, ensuring a thorough understanding and implementation of Hybrid 2.0 within your organisation. This is also priced as a monthly retainer.

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