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Complimentary Counsel from a Global Expert












I'm Dermot Dennehy, CEO of Manage Remote Teams.



Despite the pandemic's retreat, the global economy still faces challenges from factors like high inflation, interest rates, the climate crisis, and the conflict in Ukraine, affecting individual countries. However, new trends such as hybrid and remote working are becoming more embedded, despite some outliers pushing for a return to physical offices.

Who we are:

Manage Remote Teams specialises in making organisations exceptional hybrid employers. Through live online training, we equip managers and employees with modern leadership skills for remote and hybrid work. Our 7-point program empowers teams to thrive in this evolving landscape.

Our impressive client base includes DiscoveryEd, Pearson PLC, Johnston Carmichael, and others across the UK, EU, US, and Asia.

What am I offering?

Simply put...complimentary advice, counsel, and guidance.  I am here to answer any questions that you might have. It can be about your hybrid strategy, challenges you are facing, advice on how other organisations are coping with particular issues, verification of your direction of travel, ideas that you would like validated, staff retention, recruitment, can be anything. I guess, a bit of a sounding board!

Who can come?

You can come alone or bring any or even all of the SLT...If you want to use it as an open forum, why not...I have no issues with that. If you are bringing a friend from outside your company, just let me know.

What will not happen:

I will not sell anything to you. Period!

Why are we doing this?

The honest answer is that we hope that by helping you, we can build a long-term relationship with you. And when you might have a challenge in hybrid working in the future, you might remember us and drop us a line. That’s it! Yes, it’s a punt but one we are willing to take.



  • Everything you tell me is confidential.

  • If you book a time, please turn up. Yes, I have had people say they want a chat and don’t turn up…it is rare now but it still happens. That wastes both my time and it loses a space for someone else to book to meet with me.

  • There is no charge or obligation.

  • Let's keep it light-hearted and have some fun while we are chatting.

Complimentary counsel 30 minutes:

Complimentary counsel one hour:

See you soon I hope,





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