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How it works in practice.

The Corporate Philanthropy Programme was established to offer companies a new approach to charitable giving.

Instead of simply writing a cheque, companies can make a donation and receive valuable benefits that will directly benefit their business.

This way, both the charity and the company can benefit from the partnership and the donation can feel like a mutually beneficial exchange of value.

We genuinely understand that busy people can be tempted not to do something because of the additional work involved. It happens to us also!

So, we thought about it in great detail and have removed the pain points.

To that end, we have created a whole load of stuff behind the scenes that will help you 

As you have been contacted by a charity, you will most likely want to know the broad outline of what would happen if you decided to go to the next stage.

You will want to know what is on offer. Here is the link.

You can either discuss the detail with Dermot Dennehy, CEO or your contact at the charity. If it's Dermot, contact details are below.

If after that conversation, you need to obtain agreement internally., we can help with draft emails and collateral that will take the heavy lifting off you.

Once the donation is made to the charity, the charity alerts Dermot Dennehy

Dermot Dennehy liaises with the relevant person at the donor organisation

The programme starts and is managed by Manage Remote Teams

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