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Hybrid 2.0: Growth foundation for the next 3-5 years

Introducing Hybrid 2.0, the next generation of hybrid work.

Introducing Hybrid 2.0, this overview aims to revolutionise organisational performance by fully embracing and enhancing all aspects of hybrid working models.

Recognising that hybrid working has evolved beyond a pandemic necessity to a cornerstone of success for the next three years, our tailored programmes prioritise retention, recruitment, productivity and well-being.


Our programme guarantees effective implementation. Through meticulous benchmarking, comprehensive training and action plans, we drive continuous improvement, positioning any organisation as a trailblazer in hybrid working practices, ultimately enhancing their ability to fulfil their mission.


Our proprietary benchmarking process addresses the critical questions senior leaders must have answers to. By anonymously soliciting feedback from managers and employees separately, it encompasses the four primary pillars essential for an organisation to achieve success as an exceptional hybrid employer: Soft Skills, Trust and Productivity, Mental Wellbeing, and People and Culture.

The results are analysed by Dermot Dennehy and the HRD days after completion.

Our Comprehensive Hybrid 2.0 Training Program:

We offer a structured and engaging training program designed to equip your workforce with the essential skills for thriving in a hybrid work environment.

Key Features:

  • 6 mandatory interactive online sessions: Led by experienced facilitators, these one-hour courses delve into our four pillars of successful hybrid work.

  • Tailored for different audiences: We offer separate sessions for managers and employees, ensuring the content aligns with their specific needs and roles.

  • Actionable insights: Packed with practical information and real-world examples, our training goes beyond theory, providing attendees with tangible takeaways they can implement immediately.

  • Manager toolkit: We equip managers with a comprehensive action plan to reinforce key learnings from the training and ensure consistency across the organisation.

Action plans:

Post-training, we provide managers with a thorough action plan to reinforce crucial insights gained from each of the training sessions and maintain uniformity throughout the organisation. These action plans comprise the presentation materials and speaker notes utilised during the training sessions, enabling managers to reference them as they execute the assigned tasks. These tasks, encompassing both personal and team objectives, are conducted concurrently across the organisation within a predetermined timeframe.

Post-training/action plans benchmarking:

After completing the training sessions and implementing the action plans, we allocate time for assimilation before conducting a re-benchmarking process. This involves revisiting the initial pre-training benchmarking data and comparing it with the latest results to evaluate progress and determine how far the needle has shifted.

All managers will be aware that this will happen and that the company or department will be measured against the pre-action plan benchmarking.

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