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Working With Charities

Our same outstanding service, for less

Charities/Non Profits Ryanair model* 



On the whole, the pandemic brought increased demand for charitable services while funding has fallen. More recently, the cost of living crisis and the period of contraction in the global economy has led to even further pressures. In addition, we recognise that charities face the same challenges as other businesses with the additional strains of vulnerable clients or beneficiaries and pressing social needs.


The working world is never going to return to its pre-pandemic shape, meaning employers from all industries have the opportunity to develop the skills and adaptability needed to successfully implement a hybrid /remote work model. We help organisations like yours to achieve this in a very human, positive way. 

Our current clients include Age UK, The Fostering Network, Family Lives, The Scottish Charity Air Ambulance, The Living Room...charities of all shapes and sizes.

Our programme usually costs £174 per person in an organisation. That works out to be about 5,000* for around 30 people (Managers and employees) It would be higher or lower, depending on the number of people in your organisation*.

So what is the Ryanair model???


As our live online training courses were not always fully booked, we sought solutions to address this issue and support charities in need of affordable hybrid working training.


We examined various models, including the pricing strategy of Ryanair, where some seats are sold at a low price, while others are priced higher. This enables the airline to generate revenue from each seat.


Following this example, we decided to offer seats at our training courses, along with tons of additional resources, at a discounted rate of 60-80% to fill empty spaces and aid charities. Flights not included:-)

Starting on 1/4/23 we are offering the exact same package to charities/non-profits for a flat fee of

€5,000 * €995.    80% Discount

This includes everyone and as a special bonus, it will also include any volunteers.


If you want to see what our delivery style and content look like first, feel free to jump on any training session as a guest.

The offer includes the following:

Note: The training sessions will be running every day for the months of April, May and June to ensure no disruption to calendars. Book early as some dates will hit capacity faster than others.



  • This offer is available to our LinkedIn connections, their connections and friends of friends only. Feel free to share.

  • There is however a limit of 10 charities per month (April, May, June)

  • This offer is on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • If you are a very small charity, you can share the cost with another small charity to make this viable for you.


If you would like to know more, book a zoom with Dermot, our CEO and he will answer any questions you may have.

Or email him at and he will arrange a call with you.

Or call him at +447788 417419

*Our Ryanair model: Our live online training courses are public, meaning we have attendees from multiple companies training together. However, we don't always fill capacity at full price. So, as the plane is going to Malaga anyway, let's offer the unused seats at a greatly reduced price which benefits everyone. Flights not included:-)

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