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Will Hybrid Working significantly impact your charity's performance as we move through a period of economic uncertainty?

We have never been in such a period of contraction before with hybrid working underpinning our entire business!

One of the biggest potential single points of failure, irrespective of how you are managing the finances in the next 12 months in your organisation is going to be your people, and hybrid working increases that potential.

And yet, unlike funding and CSR budgets being curtailed, this one is completely in your control.

Let's get inside what your team is thinking versus what you think they should be thinking...there is a huge difference. This is incredibly revealing.

Mediocre line managers, we all have them. Critically those mediocre managers didn't get any better since the Spring of 2020, arguably, they have become less skilled, YET the need for modern leadership of dispersed teams has grown.

We explore what would think if I said that you MAY NOT have got hybrid working completely right the FIRST TIME and that what you put in place is about to be stress tested as we enter the next 12 months.

Find out if it affects your organisation in this 30 min webinar.

Note: This is not a 2020-style chit-chat webinar. This is 30 mins of intense information.

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We look forward to meeting you.

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