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I'm Dermot Dennehy, CEO of Manage Remote Teams.



Despite the pandemic's retreat, the global economy still faces challenges from factors like high inflation, interest rates, the climate crisis and the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, affecting individual countries. However, new trends such as hybrid and remote working are becoming more embedded, despite some outliers pushing for a return to physical offices.

Who we are:

Manage Remote Teams specialises in making organisations exceptional hybrid employers. Through live online training, we equip managers and employees with modern leadership skills for remote and hybrid work. Our 7-point program empowers teams to thrive in this evolving landscape.

Our impressive client base includes DiscoveryEd, Pearson PLC, Johnston Carmichael, and others across the UK, EU, US, and Asia.

The reason you are reading this:

We believe that hosting free-of-charge boutique webinars is a great way to deliver content about Hybrid Working to those who are genuinely interested in the subject. However, sometimes, business needs mean that attendees have to reschedule. To that end, we also deliver the content on a one-to-one basis. It is in reality a very casual 45-minute chat between two professionals about the webinar and also gives you an opportunity to ask questions that might be pertinent to your organisation.


There is no cost or commitment for the one-to-one. If you are interested enough to book a place at the webinar, we are interested enough to deliver that content, just in a different format. BUT, don't expect a sales approach...that's not what we do!


I think this is the best part. You decide when is a good time for you and you just book it on my calendly.

See you soon I hope,





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