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5th year in business celebrations

Hybrid working Training sessions 

Was 36 per  person per session 

Now just €9 per person per session

75% Discount

This special rate applies to entire organisations and not to individuals.


My name is Dermot Dennehy and I am the founder and CEO of Manage Remote Teams. Our company started out 5 years ago and we intend to celebrate!

Manage Remote Teams works with organisations across industry to become exceptional hybrid employers by live training online managers and employees how to operate with modern leadership and skills in the new working paradigm we find ourselves in.

Our benchmarking with clients tells us that a significant number of employees and line managers feel that hybrid working is not working for them and instead of saying it, they just let it be reflected in the work they produce or they vote with their feet. This also makes recruitment an uphill struggle.

We work very closely with multiple charities and non-profits in the UK and Ireland including Age UK, Age Cymru, The Fostering Network, Family Lives, The Living Room, FRCs ,YMCA Local Link Ireland, British Polio Fellowship and The Scottish Charity Air Ambulance to name just a few.

We are fortunate enough that our business model allows us to occasionally support organisations that are close to our heart with special discounts and today, in honour of our 5th year in business, we are introducing this amazing discount for all charities and non-profits. 


Feel free to share this with any third-sector organisation you know


This offer is for 6 sessions of training for every manager and 6 for every employee. These sessions are live online, run multiple times during each week of the month and usually cost €36 per person per session.

Our 5th birthday discount is 75% off the 6 sessions per person that you book with us BUT it is on a first come first served basis. 

Was €36    Now €9 per person per session


The next cohort starts in April  2024. 

The courses are as follows:

Come along to the complimentary webinar on the 28th of February where we will present our thoughts on hybrid working and launch the discounted training.​ It doesn't matter if you are office-based, some days at home and some in the office or fully remote. Everyone will benefit from these sessions.

If you would like to know more before you register, book a Zoom with Dermot,  our CEO and he will answer any questions you may have.

Or email him at and he will arrange a call with you.

Or call him at 07788 417419

All prices exclude VAT

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