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  • Dermot Dennehy

Why do we as senior leaders always think we have got it right??

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

When it comes to how successful a company is managing their hybrid working, there is a lot of evidence that proves that what an employee thinks may not necessarily correlate with what senior management thinks.

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The Ryanair Model:

Here are 10 points that employees use to help them make their judgements.

  1. Poor management and leadership: Managers and leaders who lack soft skills can create a negative work environment for employees.

  2. Lack of mental health support: If a company does not have a genuine mental health first approach, it can be detrimental to employees' well-being. This goes way beyond a policy and an MHFA.

  3. Culture not as good as it was: If the company culture has changed for the worse, employees may feel less connected to the company and more inclined to leave.

  4. Low trust: Lack of trust in line management can lead to low morale and employee dissatisfaction.

  5. Lack of work-life balance: Some employees may still find it difficult to separate their work and personal lives when working from home, which can lead to burnout and a desire to leave the company.

  6. Isolation and lack of social interaction: Remote work can lead to feelings of isolation and disconnection from colleagues, which can affect an employee's mental and emotional well-being.

  7. Poor communication and collaboration: Without the face-to-face interaction that comes with in-person work, it can be more difficult for employees to communicate and collaborate effectively with their colleagues.

  8. Limited opportunities for professional development: Remote work may limit an employee's access to training and professional development opportunities.

  9. Limited opportunities for career advancement: Remote work can limit an employee's ability to network and build relationships within the company, which can impact their ability to advance their careers.

  10. Lack of flexibility: Some employees may feel that their company is not flexible enough to accommodate their needs and preferences, which can lead to dissatisfaction and a desire to leave.

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