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Sales Development Business Partners (UK)









I'm Dermot Dennehy, CEO of Manage Remote Teams.



Despite the pandemic's retreat, the global economy still faces challenges from factors like high inflation, interest rates, the climate crisis, and the conflict in Ukraine, affecting individual countries. However, new trends such as hybrid and remote working are becoming more embedded, despite some outliers pushing for a return to physical offices.

Who we are:

Manage Remote Teams specialises in making organisations exceptional hybrid employers. Through live online training, we equip managers and employees with modern leadership skills for remote and hybrid work. Our 7-point program empowers teams to thrive in this evolving landscape.

Our impressive client base includes DiscoveryEd, Pearson PLC, Johnston Carmichael, and others across the UK, EU, US, and Asia.

Our strategy:

We aim to continue our UK expansion. To achieve this, we seek unique business partners, particularly exceptional independent/freelance sales professionals.

Unlike conventional partnerships seeking financial investments, we require absolutely no financial investment. The level of time commitment required will be determined mutually, allowing these partners to dedicate as much time as they wish to achieve the agreed-upon objectives.

Who are these partners:

Prospective partners may come from various backgrounds but will need confidence that they can address the senior HR market in the UK.  

Engaging with like-minded partners will foster innovation and strategic growth, revolutionising the modern working world as we expand domestically.

The Approach:

When conducting live online training, we serve clients from various companies and countries. Our capacity is virtually limitless, with an ideal group size ranging between 50 to 500 participants per session. This means we can effectively engage organisations worldwide, as long as English is their business language.

The Most Efficient Plan:

To achieve our goals in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner, we have found that hosting free webinars for potential clients is one option. This allows us to try out working together in a risk-free environment and, when successful, brings immediate financial benefits to both parties. However, face-to-face online introductions are also working well as well as other innovative ideas partners have tested in other markets. We have no limitations to ideas.

Your Role:

Your role will be to bring potential clients to the webinar using your sales skills.  I will host and deliver the webinar on LinkedIn, We provide all the collateral that you will need. We value quality over quantity, aiming to attract genuinely interested participants. During the webinar, I will lead the session, which usually lasts for 30 to 45 minutes. A call-to-action (CTA) will encourage attendees to connect with me further, leading to a sale. 

Follow-up and Collaboration:

After the webinar, you will follow up with those who attended, presenting a further CTA, which I will also manage the delivery of. Once the attendees express interest, I will take over to complete the sale and deliver the 7-point plan. To streamline the process, payment for training is received before the training sessions, ensuring no need for invoice chasing. 

Shared Rewards:

In the spirit of being genuine business partners, I offer a 50/50 revenue split. I understand this is a significant portion for me to offer, but I value building long-term relationships that can stand the test of time over the coming years. Payments will be promptly made on the same day I receive them from the client, upholding a true partnership approach.

Next Steps:

This landing page aims to give you an overview of the opportunity. However, we shouldn't make any decisions about working together until we meet on Zoom. This will be an opportunity for me to answer all your questions, get to know each other, and assess whether we can work together effectively and importantly, if we like the idea of working together.

If you're interested in finding out more, message me back or please feel free to book a 30-minute chat with me on Zoom through the following link:


I look forward to connecting with you and exploring the potential of our partnership!



This is an image of Dermot Dennehy, CEO
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