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Executive Workshops


The 2nd Step To Becoming An Exceptional Remote & Hybrid Organisation For The New Working Paradigm

Companies everywhere continue to make inspired changes to the way they work. However, many are still wrestling to bed in a remote-hybrid-flexible people strategy which makes long term sense. The pace of change is rapid and new protocols are often piled on top of policies which were developed under crisis conditions back in 2020. 

We understand these problems and know how to resolve them. Our workshops are for companies just like yours who wish to embrace bold and sustainable change for this exciting and new working paradigm. 

If you have 5 - 50 employees

If you have 50+ employees

Companies with 5 - 50 employees

(although we're not hung up on numbers)

Free Executive Workshops


This workshop is currently free for leaders intent on making bold changes to their companies.

 Companies with 50+ employees

Custom Workshops

Who are the workshops for?

Just your CEO / MD / Founder and your C-suite.

The Agenda

5 hours of interactive discussion, thought provoking content, and best practice.


With breakouts tailored for your organisation, Q&A and problem solving, culminating in delivery of your long term remote-hybrid strategy documents. Read more


10-50 employees
50+ employees
1 reg for free group workshop
2 reg for exclusive workshop

Who's there?

Come together with fellow CEOs, MDs and Founders, Directors, Senior leadership andC-suites from other companies who share the same goals at you.

2 hours of vibrant and interactive discussion, best remote-hybrid practice and thought provoking content to create your strategy with. Read more

What's in the workshop

Workshop: Topics & Agenda


Workshop Content

These Workshops are an interactive, pacey look at FOUR PILLARS which underpin success for remote-hybrid organisations, large or small :

1) Trust & Transparency 

Barriers to trust; Dealing with mistrust;  How autonomy works; The difference between autonomy and neglect.

2) Productivity & Motivation 

Beyond the software - keeping productivity high; The human story behind your data: Communicating brilliantly; Motivating remote-hybrid teams.

3) People & Culture 

Uniting hybrid teams; Essential soft / human skills for remote managers; Flexible policies and respect; Enabling a meaningful work-life balance.

4) Mental Health 

Building resilience in dispersed teams; How not to break remote people; Mentally healthy practices for remote-hybrid organisations; Identifying problems in remote workers.

Manage Remote Teams

Helping companies master the art of remote & hybrid working


Breakouts, Case Studies and Q&A sessions



Realising your vision.

Creating your unique people strategy.

Turning your strategy into an Action Plan.

Upskilling everyone.

Reviewing your strategy.



Companies with 50+ Employees

Find out more about Exclusive Workshops

Training Courses
Upskill remote and hybrid managers & employees

Action Plans 

Rolling out your remote-hybrid people strategy

The Case For Bold Change

Tuning In

There is a tangible shift in expectations people have of their employers. For example, money alone is not the powerful motivator it once was. A large UK financial services company recently gave a sizeable swathe of employees Friday afternoons off. They could have tagged an extra bonus onto people's salaries, but instead, they chose to reward hard work with time. This was a well received gesture and the company was tuned in enough to recognise that for their workforce, extra downtime trumped money.

Great Managers, Flexible Policies & Personal Growth

​This change in expectations has been in motion for a while, but the pandemic sped processes up. Existing employees and new hires want assurance that flexible policies are in place, mental health support is genuine, personal growth is achievable . . . and they want managers who can lead teams wherever they are located.

Becoming A Great Remote & Hybrid Employer

Recruiters are reporting that new hires will choose a lesser paid job with more flexibility and autonomy over a better paid job with less job satisfaction. Employees leave companies where autonomy and personal growth are limited.


Employees are voting with their feet.


Leaders who embrace sometimes uncomfortable levels of change today are the ones whose people and organisations will flourish.



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