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  • Dermot Dennehy

How do you spot a hybrid employee or line manager that is thinking of leaving?

One less obvious sign of an employee who is disengaging and thinking of leaving is a change in their communication style. This can manifest in a few ways:

  1. The employee becomes less communicative: They may be less likely to initiate conversations or respond promptly to messages. They may also be less forthcoming with information or less willing to share their thoughts and ideas.

  2. The employee becomes more guarded: They may be more cautious in their communication, choosing their words more carefully or becoming more reserved in their interactions with colleagues.

  3. The employee becomes more critical: They may start to express more negative opinions or be more critical of company policies or practices.

Decreased engagement can manifest in several ways in day-to-day activities,

  1. The employee is less present: They may start coming in later, leaving earlier, or taking longer breaks than usual. They may also be less present in virtual meetings, not joining or leaving early.

  2. The employee is less active in meetings: They may no longer contribute to discussions, offer input, or ask questions. They may also be less responsive to emails or messages.

  3. The employee is less willing to take on new tasks: They may decline new projects or assignments, or take longer than usual to complete them.

  4. The employee is less interested in company initiatives: They may not show enthusiasm for new projects or company-wide initiatives. They may also show less interest in company news or updates.

Decreased productivity can manifest in several ways in day-to-day activities, some examples include:

  1. The employee takes longer to complete tasks: They may take longer to finish projects or assignments. They may also be less efficient in their daily tasks.

  2. The employee is less focused: They may have difficulty staying on task or may be easily distracted. They may also be more prone to making mistakes or errors.

  3. The employee is producing work that is below their usual standards: Their work may contain more errors, be less detailed, or lack the level of polish and attention to detail that it normally does.

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